By dewi kustati - August 03, 2017

It is okay to randomly look at the sky in the night for long time, to watch the stars or the moon shining, or to touch something just to feel it right in your fingers, or to close your eyes and inhale deeply. Feel the air comes into your lungs. It is okay to act weird sometimes, we are not robot, don't be too clumsy and boring and too normal. We are humans that sense so much feeling and enjoy it in our own way.
It means we are unique. Even we are all different in many ways. Don't be afraid to do something differently. If everything is same, how bored this world would be. If you wear something you don't like just because everybody wear it you waste your life following people's life. But if you really like it even though nobody is like it, just wear it and be you. As long as it doesn't hurt anybody, live your life wisely. This is our life, which every consequences will be ours, here in this world and afterlife

Be the reason for this world to be a planet that still interesting to live in

ditulis di atas kereta Jakarta-Bandung, oh-so-random

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